General Patent Information

A patent is a collection of exclusive intellectual property rights that are awarded upon a person by the United States Patent office to an inventor for a limited period of time in exchange for the public disclosure of the invention. The public policy behind the desire to get the inventor to publicly disclose their patents is so that general public can reap the benefits of these inventions.

In order to qualify for a patent, one has to submit a patent application to the United State Patent Office, with at least one claim defining the patent. In order for the patent to be awarded, it must be new, novel and non-obvious, useful, add on to something, something new, a composition of matter, or article of manufacturing as is described in details in article.

Kinds of Patents

There are also different types of patents. A Utility patent differs from a design patent. There are also biological patents, business method patents, chemical patents and software patents.

A utility patent having a 17 year term, a plant patent having same terms, and a design patent having a 14 year term. The utility patent is one most often referred to when patents are discussed and usually is the most important from an economic stand point.

Utility patents are granted to new, useful, and non-obvious products and processes. Design patents are granted for new, original and ornamental design for articles of manufacture. Plant patents may be given for inventing and discovering and then asexually reproducing, new and distinctive plant varieties. You can read on patenting process at too.

Validity of Utility Patent Requirement

Hence the Patent statutes encourage you to disclose and apply for a Patent application as soon as possible.

In the world of patents, the first inventor to obtain a valid patent is entitled to enforcement against all who make, sell, or use the invention. So if you happen to invent the same invention without any knowledge of another similar invention, it does not offer you a legal defense if the other guy applies and is grant a patent on this invention before yours is granted.

Even if the subject matter is new, patentability is not allowed if the inventor would be obvious to one with ordinary skill in the art. Applying the obviousness standard is one of the most troublesome tasks in patent law. Determination of obviousness is ultimately a question of law based on several factual conclusions as you can see from this article –

And finally, the utility requirement in patent law, requires that the invention be useful. The word “Utility” means that the invention must work as described in the patent application. It also means that the invention must give some sort of benefit upon man kind as written in article.

After reading this post, you know understand why patent law is a specialize area of practice and requires an attorney who is familiar with not only the law but the technical aspects of the intention being submitted for a application.

Web Hosting Service Provider

The packages that are given by all Web Hosting service providers in Malaysia are not the same and it includes several details that one must keep in mind.

One of the most important things that you should look at is the amount of disk space that you are being given by the web-hosting agency and for what amount of money will you be getting that. A high disk space entails that you will be able to include more information on your web page at a time thanks to your web hosting Malaysia service provider. Look carefully and you will get the correct amount of disk space for the amount of money that you give them and you will have enough space for you online content.

Bandwidth is something that is really important when it comes to hosting too. This is that factor which entails how much information you can transfer in a period of time that is usually a month and this is really important because it will dictate how much information updates you can give your customers in a short period of time. As the traffic increases, you can also consequently increase the amount of bandwidth on your web-hosting provider. This is highly beneficial for the users. You can get a good deal in terms of the amount of space that is given to you.

Look for a good Web Hosting platform wherein they offer an OS on which you’re hosting is executed. Most of the packages provide you with Linux platforms and one should indeed go for them as they prove to be more reliable in most cases than the Windows counterpart. A Linux server is in all much safer when it comes to hosting, as it is in all very reliable. Along with that, check if the Web Hosting service providers are giving you access to IMAP or POP3 accounts which will enable you to have an e-mail account with the name of your business enterprise and this will ensure that your web page will have more of a polished professional appeal which would other wise had been lost.

All in all what one should do when looking for a best web hosting provider is to know what they are looking for. Compare the packages with other companies before you choose your hosting provider.

Do I Really Need a Patent Lawyer?

In a world as unpredictable and ever-changing as ours, nothing is more valuable than security. The climate changes, politics change, and the government adds new laws, removes the old, and alters terms and regulations of commerce.

Business models are redefined, new economic theories advocated, then revoked. But always technology is being introduced, invented, reinvented, expanded, reduced, made more portable or modified. From the inventor, the innovator, the world is constantly in need of new ideas and advancements. But how do you protect an idea, something immaterial, from theft?

A patent does exactly that: it is a license granted to exclude other’s from laying claim to one’s immaterial innovations. To obtain a patent, the best method is to consult a patent attorney or a patent agency, such as InventHelp, someone with expertise and experience in obtaining, articulating, and protecting your valuable intellectual assets.

As you consider whether or not to pursue a patent, take the time to consult an expert, a patent attorney, or several, about the benefits and necessity of patenting and protecting your work. One key point is the cost of your potential patent, not only the momentary monetary expense of the initial patent, but the cost of expanding and capitalizing upon the work you’ve already done.

The bottom line: the legal issues surrounding patents are complex, and hiring a knowledgeable patent attorney will pay dividends in the long run as you develop, market, and expand upon your initial innovative technology.

Intellectual property represents a company’s most valuable and vulnerable assets. When those assets are endangered, companies need experts that can deliver results without compromise. Many companies seek lawyers that understand the particulars of intellectual property, and a firm that can protect and uphold their business interests in court.

With the advent of internet/technology, a new level of complexity has emerged in patent infringement cases, and clients are rightly demanding their appointed legal firms have considerable knowledge with contemporary, technologically complex issues and extensive trial experience. You can learn much more about the patenting process from too.

Picking the Right Patent Attorneys

Picking the right patent attorney or an agency is quite challenging and time consuming. It is important to note that the legal system is quite essential to man as it controls the activities of man. Without a legal system, it is unimaginable how the world will be. It is evident that is there are no laws there will be chaos and disorder. For these reasons a legal system is imposed in every society aimed at ensuring uninterrupted monitoring of order and peace. The legal system has great effects on almost all the areas and aspects of society. This is because laws are linked and interpreted to the different aspects in society.

Patents are a set of limited rights which are granted by government to an individual for a given period of time. These are in replace of synchronized, unrestricted expos of a given method, work, tool which is inventive, useful, new and technologically appropriate. These limited rights are meant to provide utmost protection for all patent holders against sale, use or even claims on a particular invented work.

Patent attorneys or patenting agencies, such as InventHelp, help in facilitating the processing of patents. The patent attorney is the person responsible in embodying the client to acquire patents for his inventions. He is also responsible in processing any matter which is subject to patent preparation or patent law. There is a great difference between patent agents and patent attorneys. In true essence both terms are used in most cases of patents processing.

Sometimes the role of a patent agent may be consumed by patent attorney. The major difference is that the patent attorney is a full qualified lawyer. It is therefore advisable when choosing a patent attorney you consider only legitimate professionals of the bar in order to qualify. The following are some tips that can guide you in getting the right patent attorney.

Do your homework. You need to understand the basic role of the job or service the lawyer is going to perform. You need to research and understand what a patent attorney really is. You need to understand that the responsibilities also differ greatly from one patent attorney to another. Ensure that the lawyer you are dealing with has passed the USPTO examination for patent lawyers.

Registered patent attorney. You should deal with a fully registered patent attorney. Find a specialist. Since there are so many patent attorneys to choose from you should search for a specialist by scrutinizing his level of specialization as described in article as well. Therefore check the background of a patent attorney before hiring one.

Essay writing: a common task for students everywhere

Student life is something any teenager dreams about and if you are an ordinary individual, you probably feel the same way. However, there is something you need to know: responsibility does not come without any strings attached. You may have the opportunity to become independent, but this also means you will have to deal with various tasks by yourself. Essay writing, for instance, is probably the most common requirement in universities and colleges, so at some point you may have to use external help and look for cheap custom essay writing services.

Looking or resources and editing so many papers may be very overwhelming, especially since there are many subjects and topics you need to deal with. So in case you thought that once you are done with high school, you will also be done with academic tasks and home works, you were wrong. The lack of time or the lack of interest in certain topics is what makes students search for cheap essay writing service providers, which are very professional and experienced.

Although it can be extremely challenging and time consuming for students, essay writing is very relevant for the evaluation made by teachers. Of course, the normal question is “why?”, since they can supervise students’ evolution in class. Needless to say, direct interaction is important, as same as seeing how teenagers think, analyze facts and use their own words to render certain ideas.

Depending on that the professor wants to check or test, there are many types of papers you may be asked to write during your student life. Some of the most common are reflective papers on a current issue or event, activity reports based on reading materials and essays about your own lifestyle or personality.

These specialized companies offer dedicated solutions to all those who lack time or interest in a certain topic. So in case you want to focus on a domain that you are planning to work in the future, but you still need high grades on other subjects, such an agency is the perfect choice. They offer students assistance when it comes to custom made papers, in accordance to your needs and demands.

Normally, the average students has to write at least three essays per semester, not to mention term papers, research and dissertation works. This means that with all the time you need to invest in looking for resources and materials, there will be little spare time for you outside classes.

The good news is that specialized writing agencies provide a wide array of cheap custom essay writing services, to meet any demand and expectation. They can cater all types of works, on multiple topics. Whether you need research papers, term essays or dissertations, one of these companies, such as EssaysCouncil can help you get through and overcome difficulties. Forget about all your student worries and allow yourself to focus on the most important topics.

Seasonal Affective Disorder Light Therapy

How Does Light Therapy Work?

With light therapy, the patient is exposed to a light that mimics natural outdoor light. A specially constructed light box emits this type of light, which is at least 10 times brighter than a regular light bulb. The difference between this special light and natural outdoor light is that it won’t damage your skin or eyes like the sun’s UV rays.

Why Does It Work?

The effectiveness of light therapy varies from one individual to the next. If you work in a poorly lit office, for instance, you’ll likely employ your light box each working day to compensate for the lack of natural brightness. Some will use the light box as recommended, which is every day upon awakening throughout the darkest parts of winter. Others may skip some days and still experience some improvement.

The reason why light therapy is said to work is because the human body naturally needs light to stay active and be able to tell when to sleep and when to wake up. Sometimes our body clocks are simply distracted as more of us decide to stay up late in front of the computer or TV when our bodies’ should already be prepared to sleep. And if you noticed, the winter days are often dark even during the daytime, and this can affect our levels of energy and eventually our mood and behaviors. Light therapy can help in this case because it can give us a good “dose of daytime” during colder and darker seasons. Happy Lamp is a website where you can find different types of light therapy lamps. They have tested and reviewed all the lamps, so you should find one that suits you most pretty easy.

Can Light Therapy Be Used With Antidepressant Medication?

Sometimes patients fair better with a combination of seasonal affective disorder light therapy and antidepressant medication. But if there’s fast improvement in the long run, then some doctors prescribe lower doses or allow the withdrawal of the medication altogether. Some patients continue to use other supplementation like St. John’s Wort and melatonin in conjunction with light therapy.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Should side effects occur they are oftentimes mild. Some individuals may have headaches, nausea, eye strain or feeling fidgety when they initially begin using a light box. However, these often improve with each use.

Won’t The Lights Cause Tanning?

This shouldn’t be the case. The majority of light therapy products filter out or reduce the UV rays that result in tanning. This should not affect the results, however, as SAD light therapy is administered through the eyes and not the skin.

On average, the majority of patients utilize 1 hour of 5,000 lux of light each day. Lux gauges how intense light is. 2,500 lux can also be used but for 2 hours, and 10,000 lux for half an hour every morning throughout the fall and winter. You may experience a relief from symptoms within a few days to a couple of weeks or more under seasonal affective disorder light therapy.

Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Portfolio Tracker

An automated Cryptocurrency portfolio tracking system has brought about a revolution in trading. This system can help to trade all your Cryptocurrency assets, and send the trading signals directly to your account.

With the deregulation of Cryptocurrency markets, we were in great need of a software system that would help to analyze and interpret the information obtained from the currency markets. This is how an automated Cryptocurrency portfolio tracking system was designed and developed.

Most of these systems have been continuously modified, enhanced and refined to help them attain the reliability and efficiency requirements of all its customers. These automated systems actually work by tracking the increase and fall in currency rates, keeps track of your trades, your portfolio and thus helps you to make the appropriate trading decisions.

Another advantage of an automated Cryptocurrency portfolio tracking software is that it can continue working on a 24/7 basis. With the advent of automated Cryptocurrency portfolio tracking systems, there are a number of packages from various providers available. However, you need to be a little cautious in choosing the right one, because, not all available packages are reliable. You need to choose a system that has undergone rigorous testing and fixing, and only then will you be able to benefit from live trading using the system.

To choose a system that is reliable and efficient, you can follow a few tips. Search for different systems available there before you zero down on one of them. While reviewing the different systems, try to focus on those which have been there in the market successfully for longer periods. You may even rely on ratings from previous customers to make a choice.

Crypto Portfolio from KryptoGraphe is one of the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers. Easy to install, easy to use and has all the features you’ll need, such as active portfolio management, real time CoinMarketCap reports, and industry news updates. Very nice and clean design, very user friendly, and accurate.

Another tip is to check how volatile a system is before you decide to go with it. The charts and reports generated by the system should not have too many swings in them. After all, you typically purchase an automated Cryptocurrency portfolio tracking system to save yourself from the stress and restlessness that trading has to offer.

Forex Investment Tips

Such a great empire of currency exchange as forex constantly requires new people who want to become rich. Start participating in forex investment activities and soon become a part of the game. Forex seems to be really convenient for people who don’t like visiting boring offices and work for other people. If you belong to the group of those who want to work for themselves, then you may try to work at home by joining online forex investment programs that are supposed to help anyone to gain money easily. A lot of people have proved the idea of becoming rich due to online currency exchange operations, and you might become one of them. The risk is worth everything you put into it, and you might know that there exist dozens of helping programs which give forex investors a lot of free time since they observe the situation and inform you about the instant changes you might get interested in.

You may read about any forex investment program on the Internet as the information and interesting facts are collected there anyway these days. You may also find articles on how to make up your own forex investment strategy, and this might be of a great help in the future when you finally decide to join forex. You may read the history of any forex investment company and see how forex has helped it to move forward as fast as it was possible. Some people like it, some people not, but if you are clever enough, forex investment and partnering up with a professional and reliable trading platform, such as IronFX, will open totally new possibilities for you in the world.

Important Trampoline Parts

Trampoline Covers

Trampoline covers are not designed to be waterproof!

Most models include a hole or fine mesh in the centre which allows water to escape down through the bed to the ground underneath. During a heavy downpour it is preferable to remove the cover otherwise the trampoline may turn into a swimming pool and it is not good for the springs to be kept in tension for extended periods.

Trampoline covers are designed to minimize UV degradation to the trampoline bed and pads from direct sunglight and to keep leaves and bird droppings off the trampoline. Although trampoline covers are not necessary are a useful and inexpensive extra and they are included free with some trampoline models.

Trampoline Ladders

Trampoline ladders make it easier for younger children or disabled people to get onto and down from a trampoline. However this also means unattended younger children could play without your supervision.

Safety nets AKA “fun rings”

Brilliant! No one can fall off and hurt themselves which is one less thing to worry about. Unfortunately they are seen as an expensive extra. We especially recommend anyone with younger children (aged 5 or under) or anyone with a disability that affects their ability to use a trampoline gives serious consideration to purchasing a safety net. Children tend to topple off a trampoline rather than flying miles through the air before crash landing so for older children it’s not such a clear cut decision.

Level Ground

It is important that the ground is level and that all trampoline legs are touching the ground. If this is not the case the trampoline will suffer stress where it is not supposed to and this will affect its durability and safe usage – it’s also more squeaky! If the ground on which the trampoline legs stand slopes by more than a few inches over the length of the trampoline we would advise digging a shallow trench where the higher ended legs stand – effectively levelling the trampoline bed.

Round or Rectangular trampoline?

Round trampolines are designed for fun. The lift is approximately 3ft from bed to bottom of foot and the impetus of the bounce is upwards and towards the middle which leaves plenty of room around the user. For these reasons round trampolines are generally considered safer than rectangular trampolines.

Rectangular trampoline is only suitable for use by single users. The impetus is upwards and along the trampoline and the bounce is higher. Rectangular trampolines are generally best suited to anyone involved in trampolining as a sport.