How to Patent Your Invention

Do not disclose your idea to anyone. We believe from experience that your best option to patent an invention is to consult a patent attorney. Applying for a patent is a very complex exercise and most patent attorneys will not charge you for the first 30 minutes.

The patent process and time is very short for an innovation patent however patent protection is only for 8 years, whereas a standard patent can take up to 5 or 6 years to obtain, however protection is for 20 years. This is the better option and once you have your priority date, the date you first lodge your provisional application and within 12 months submitted your standard application. The patents office will publish your standard application in their journal, you can disclose your invention, market it, license or sell your invention. At this stage your invention status is – patent applied or patent pending as was explained in article.

However no one knows your invention better than you do so you are going to have to furnish your attorney with as much information as you can about your invention. There will be a constant exchange of information and consultation generally by phone and email between yourself and your patent attorney or a patent agency, such as InventHelp, till you finalize your provisional application then your standard application. Between these two applications some concepts of the invention may change slightly, you can submit a standard patent from the start however by submitting a provisional application gives you a further 12 months in time for any small changes you may think of between the provisional and the standard applications.

After your standard application has been submitted and your patent has been published it can take up to 3 to 4 years for your patent to be examined at this time the examiner may find some problem with your invention, you may have a rejection or may have to make some small deviations or your patent may be granted, then for your standard application you will have 20 years protection.

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