Comparison Between Samsung Bixby And Siri

When talking about the Samsung galaxy S8 Bixby then Siri also comes into your mind. With the help of Siri you may fetch out many things such calendar stuff, weather, web search and so on. But there is a challenger in the market called Bixby. Earlier there were many gadgets that were using this voice recognition among them is the Blackberry so Siri was not the initial voice control app on the smart phones.

Apple has made very big claims for the Siri but it understood very simple set of commands. The UK iphone owners are still experiencing a big problem and that Apple has not got a perfect deal for a local information provider. Like if you asked Siri to direct your home, what is there in the local cinema, finding out a restaurant or how bad the traffic is, at that time you would get a similar “sorry” reply. Siri would answer only this “Sorry I can only look for the business in the United States”.

So now Samsung has come forward with its own voice assistant gap in the new Galaxy S8 which is packed with Bixby Samsung Voice assistant. A comparison is made between the two gadgets. In the first round a same question was asked from both the gadgets “what is the weather today?”. Siri didn’t understood the question the first time and asked to repeat the question.

Then we asked what is the weather, again it misses, then we said today’s weather, then also it does not understood the question and instead of that asks if I like to do a web search for what the weather is. Then we tried many times and finally Siri answered that things looks promising and would return for the weather information but for the New York and not London so failed in this attempt. On asking this question from Bixby, it informs helpfully that you have to turn to the location in the settings. And after Bixby returns with a weather forecast so this round goes to Bixby.

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