Seasonal Affective Disorder Light Therapy

How Does Light Therapy Work?

With light therapy, the patient is exposed to a light that mimics natural outdoor light. A specially constructed light box emits this type of light, which is at least 10 times brighter than a regular light bulb. The difference between this special light and natural outdoor light is that it won’t damage your skin or eyes like the sun’s UV rays.

Why Does It Work?

The effectiveness of light therapy varies from one individual to the next. If you work in a poorly lit office, for instance, you’ll likely employ your light box each working day to compensate for the lack of natural brightness. Some will use the light box as recommended, which is every day upon awakening throughout the darkest parts of winter. Others may skip some days and still experience some improvement.

The reason why light therapy is said to work is because the human body naturally needs light to stay active and be able to tell when to sleep and when to wake up. Sometimes our body clocks are simply distracted as more of us decide to stay up late in front of the computer or TV when our bodies’ should already be prepared to sleep. And if you noticed, the winter days are often dark even during the daytime, and this can affect our levels of energy and eventually our mood and behaviors. Light therapy can help in this case because it can give us a good “dose of daytime” during colder and darker seasons. Happy Lamp is a website where you can find different types of light therapy lamps. They have tested and reviewed all the lamps, so you should find one that suits you most pretty easy.

Can Light Therapy Be Used With Antidepressant Medication?

Sometimes patients fair better with a combination of seasonal affective disorder light therapy and antidepressant medication. But if there’s fast improvement in the long run, then some doctors prescribe lower doses or allow the withdrawal of the medication altogether. Some patients continue to use other supplementation like St. John’s Wort and melatonin in conjunction with light therapy.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Should side effects occur they are oftentimes mild. Some individuals may have headaches, nausea, eye strain or feeling fidgety when they initially begin using a light box. However, these often improve with each use.

Won’t The Lights Cause Tanning?

This shouldn’t be the case. The majority of light therapy products filter out or reduce the UV rays that result in tanning. This should not affect the results, however, as SAD light therapy is administered through the eyes and not the skin.

On average, the majority of patients utilize 1 hour of 5,000 lux of light each day. Lux gauges how intense light is. 2,500 lux can also be used but for 2 hours, and 10,000 lux for half an hour every morning throughout the fall and winter. You may experience a relief from symptoms within a few days to a couple of weeks or more under seasonal affective disorder light therapy.

Can Chiropractic Help?

Can chiropractic help you enjoy life more? Read on to find out. What keeps YOU from enjoying life? Does pain keep you from doing the things you love? What if I told you that I knew a way in which you could live a more pain-free life, would you do it?

Chiropractic care CAN help you do just that and more! Each and every one of us is magnificently made. Each and every one of us has inside of us an inborn wisdom like no other. It is that innate intelligence that controls each and every function of our body. It does this via a complex network of nerves that travel from the brain and through the spine to all parts of the body.

When the bones in the spine (vertebrae) move out of their proper position and press on those nerves, then the brain can’t communicate fully with the body. Chiropractors call that a “subluxation”. When the brain can’t communicate with the body, then the body can’t function properly. Symptoms are an outward sign that communication between the brain and the body is not occurring.

Unlike any other health care profession, chiropractors are highly skilled in the art of identifying and removing subluxations. Chiropractors do this through the use of an “adjustment”. Each and every one of us has inside of us the potential to express health. Subluxation BLOCKS that potential.

Close your eyes for a moment and just imagine how your life would be different if you weren’t in pain. What would you be doing? Would you be playing with your grandchildren? Would you be playing golf? Would you be gardening? Would you be traveling? Would you be loving life more? Are you ready to experience life more fully? Consider Chiropractic!

Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bug infestation is a problem that needs to be dealt with right away. These parasites are sometimes hard to spot as they can often be mistaken for other small bugs. Learning how to kill bed bugs is a sure way of helping you eliminate them and restore comfort tom your home. However, some considerations need to be made so as to determine the perfect method to be used in eliminating them.

Considerations to be made

You will need to first establish the level of infestation by determining the number of rooms affected by these parasites and also the infestation period. This will dictate the ease with which the parasites will be eliminated as well as the ideal technique to be used in the process. But, how to get rid of bed bugs permanently? You will need to know certain facts about bed bugs so that you can actually know what you’ll need to do so as to get rid of bedbugs permanently.

Determine If Bed Bugs Have Infested Your Home

Bedbugs are usually more of a nuisance than a health risk. They are not totally nocturnal, though they usually feed on humans during the night. Careless throwing and leaving of clothes and luggage on the floor increase the chances of attracting these nasty parasites into your home. This is because it provides a perfect habitat for them to thrive.

The beginning phase in bedbug infestation is normally hard to identify as the red, swollen, itchy spots which appear on the body may be mistaken for a mosquito bite. Whereas the bites from bedbugs can be painful, they are normally not serious. Killing bedbugs can be performed in a number of ways.

How to kill bed bugs

Use of chemicals

Killing bed bugs through chemical means is one of the most cost effective and popular methods that entail the use of artificial agents. These includes insecticides that directly kill bed bugs, or some chemicals that can be applied onto the skin that will scare them off, pretty much like how mosquito repellent lotions work.

These easy-to-use chemicals may be used as a way of eliminating these parasites. This normally includes artificial agents like insecticides or other types of chemicals applied to the skin in form of lotions. Strong and effective chemicals should be used as some bed bugs have developed resistances to certain popular insecticide. Beside the low cost and ease of application, the other advantage of using chemicals is that its effect is felt in a matter of few hours depending on how strong the chemicals is.

However, before applying these chemicals care should be taken to make sure that kids and pets are restricted from the areas to be treated. The disadvantage of chemicals is that some are toxic and must be applied carefully and according to instructions.

Use of a vacuum

The other effective methods of killing bed bugs include the use of a vacuum. This is an easy and also economical way of eliminating bed bugs by removing their eggs and larva. It is advisable that furniture be removed and left outside for several days to help kill any remaining bugs. Certain bug exterminators have taken advantage of the fact that bugs cannot cope with drastic temperatures and have begun utilizing heaters which raise the room temperature beyond what is habitable for the bugs.

So, learning how to kill bed bugs may be a perfect way of eliminating the nuisance caused by these parasites besides guaranteeing you a healthy and comfortable environment free from bugs. You can always apply these methods yourself or employ the services of a professional.

Incontinence treatment by the medical experts

Incontinence is a medical condition in which you don’t have control over your urine or bowel movements. The urine or bowel movement is involuntary leaked out. Your quality of life can be drastically and rigorously affected if you are suffering from this profound medical problem. A lot of distressing situations can be caused and suffered by individuals who are experiencing the problem of incontinence. Most of the times the problem of urinary incontinence is a result of some underlying treatable problem and is usually under reported to doctors.

Urinary incontinence can be very distressing and embarrassing at times. It is usually of two types: urge urinary incontinence and stress urinary incontinence. You might also be suffering from both at the same time. Stress incontinence can be caused when urethra fails to support your urination due to damage to the pelvic region. This condition has characteristic features of leaking of urine in small amounts when the pressure in the abdominal region increases like sneezing, lifting or coughing. The uninhibited contractions caused by the detrusor muscles causes urge urinary incontinence. Large amount of urine may leak in this condition due to lack of time to empty the bladder. Polyurea, intake of large amounts of cola or caffeine, enlargement of the prostate gland, Parkinson’s disease, injury in the spinal cord can be some of the causes of leaking urine.

The most important aspect of today’s living is probably the overall heath, wellbeing and happiness of an individual. When the impact of medicine is amalgamated with a strict fitness routine then only the human body can achieve complete health and perfect treatment. With every passing day, technology and innovation in the medical field is turning over the face of the treatments and diagnosis that used to exist. With this success, even the consumers need to be aware of how quickly and how significantly they can be treated of their ailing conditions.

There are various incontinence treatments and options available for the treatment for incontinence. Exercise can help reduce the problem of incontinence to a large extent. Doctors teach their patients Kegel exercises and make them follow a good dietary regimen which has a wide impact on the health and well being. If the problem still persists, specialists treat it with medications. Only when all other options seem futile, doctors perform surgery to help the patients recover from this distressing medical condition. Get to know more about them and live a healthy and happy life!

What is Vaginal Mesh Removal

Vaginal mesh has established itself as the primary therapy for complications that have compromised pelvic floor tissue. As such, it is often used in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse (POP), stress urinary incontinence (SUI), and to repair damaged tissue after child birth. Of particular concern, however, are reports that these devices may erode through the vaginal wall and perforate local organs, causing serious and potentially life-threatening injuries or infections. Therefore, those that have experienced significant complications may need revision surgery consisting of vaginal mesh removal to mitigate complications.

Otherwise known as a bladder sling, for its resemblance to that of a hammock, vaginal mesh its typically made up of either metallic or polymeric screens. The screen itself is used as a reinforcement in the presence of compromised bone and tissue on the pelvic floor. Its integration into compromised tissue prevents the further displacement of local organs. Typically, vaginal mesh is used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. However, traumatic injuries resulting from childbirth may also require vaginal mesh intervention.

Unfortunately, the rate in which transvaginal mesh products experience some form of failure is unacceptably high. Common, yet serious, complications are often the result of mesh erosion and bowel perforation. Subsequent failure associated with transvaginal mesh products may coincide with the development of a variety of side effects that vary in their severity. Mesh erosion may result in life-threatening infections or further harm to local tissue and organs. Therefore, vaginal mesh removal may be required to mitigate any further complications. Revision surgery is often costly and never guaranteed to alleviate the problem.

Vaginal Mesh Complications

Vaginal mesh removal may be required if the recipient experiences any of the following:

  • Organ perforation
  • Bleeding episodes (hemorrhage & hematoma
  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Dyspareunia
  • Revision surgery
  • Transvaginal mesh exposure
  • Mesh erosion into bladder or rectum

What Is The Best Hair Regrowth Shampoo?

You might be wondering, what is the best hair regrowth shampoo. The answer is not that simple. First, you need to determine why your hair is thinning, then you can figure out what type of shampoo you need.

The thing is that hair loss can be the result of many different factors and the outcome is nearly always unpleasant. Hair loss(also called alopecia) can be devastating emotionally for those who experience it. For some it signifies old age, a loss of beauty, or even illness. There are ways to combat the problem, including some shampoos that are formulated to lessen the noticeability of hair loss or even reverse it.

The most common forms of hair loss are androgenetic alopecia(also known as male or female-pattern baldness), telogen effluvium, ringworm, and traction alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia is what most people think of when they think of “going bald” and is largely an inherited condition. Some of these can be treated with a hair regrowth shampoo, but others cannot.

Telogen effluvium is a temporary condition in which the hair falls out at the rate that it always does, but a cycle of growth is skipped. This can be caused by medications, stress, and many other factors, but once the cycle of growth resumes the hair returns to a normal appearance.

Ringworm is due to a parasitic infection of fungus, not actual worms, and is sometimes called tinea capitis. It often forms patches or streaks of hair loss. Patchy hair loss can also be caused by traction alopecia, which is due to pulling of the hair from the scalp for cosmetic purposes. Styles such as corn rolls, ponytails, and braids can all cause traction alopecia.

For telogen effluvium, the most common medical treatment is assurance of the temporary nature of the condition. A hair regrowth shampoo that thicken and adds body will help the sufferer maintain a more normal hair appearance until the hair returns to the normal growth cycle. Thickening shampoos are also a popular remedy for traction alopecia, as they allow the thicker hair to cover the areas of hair loss.

Thickening shampoos work by binding certain ingredients to the hair shaft to provide a fuller appearance. Panthenol is one of the most common ingredients used to create this effect. When used regularly, thickening shampoos will help to decrease the visible effects of thinning hair.

For hair loss due to ringworm, oral antifungal treatments are used, and little can be done in the way of shampooing to remedy this until the medicine has killed the fungus.

That leaves the most common form of hair loss: Androgenetic alopecia. While thickening hair regrowth shampoos can help in the early stages of this condition, they are only a temporary measure. The thickened hair will eventually fall out, and the condition will continue to progress.

Actual reversal of hair loss through shampooing can be done by only one product on the market today: Hair Restoration Laboratories Hair growth shampoo. Hair Restoration Laboratories Hair growth shampoo is the only shampoo currently on the market that has been shown to actually regrow hair.

Hair Restoration Laboratories hair growth shampoo has been shown to work about 95% of the time to stop or reverse hair loss when used regularly. The chemical works to grow the size of the hair follicle, which leads to thicker, healthier-looking hair. This process does not occur overnight but, with continued use, the effects seem to be quite good.

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