Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bug infestation is a problem that needs to be dealt with right away. These parasites are sometimes hard to spot as they can often be mistaken for other small bugs. Learning how to kill bed bugs is a sure way of helping you eliminate them and restore comfort tom your home. However, some considerations need to be made so as to determine the perfect method to be used in eliminating them.

Considerations to be made

You will need to first establish the level of infestation by determining the number of rooms affected by these parasites and also the infestation period. This will dictate the ease with which the parasites will be eliminated as well as the ideal technique to be used in the process. But, how to get rid of bed bugs permanently? You will need to know certain facts about bed bugs so that you can actually know what you’ll need to do so as to get rid of bedbugs permanently.

Determine If Bed Bugs Have Infested Your Home

Bedbugs are usually more of a nuisance than a health risk. They are not totally nocturnal, though they usually feed on humans during the night. Careless throwing and leaving of clothes and luggage on the floor increase the chances of attracting these nasty parasites into your home. This is because it provides a perfect habitat for them to thrive.

The beginning phase in bedbug infestation is normally hard to identify as the red, swollen, itchy spots which appear on the body may be mistaken for a mosquito bite. Whereas the bites from bedbugs can be painful, they are normally not serious. Killing bedbugs can be performed in a number of ways.

How to kill bed bugs

Use of chemicals

Killing bed bugs through chemical means is one of the most cost effective and popular methods that entail the use of artificial agents. These includes insecticides that directly kill bed bugs, or some chemicals that can be applied onto the skin that will scare them off, pretty much like how mosquito repellent lotions work.

These easy-to-use chemicals may be used as a way of eliminating these parasites. This normally includes artificial agents like insecticides or other types of chemicals applied to the skin in form of lotions. Strong and effective chemicals should be used as some bed bugs have developed resistances to certain popular insecticide. Beside the low cost and ease of application, the other advantage of using chemicals is that its effect is felt in a matter of few hours depending on how strong the chemicals is.

However, before applying these chemicals care should be taken to make sure that kids and pets are restricted from the areas to be treated. The disadvantage of chemicals is that some are toxic and must be applied carefully and according to instructions.

Use of a vacuum

The other effective methods of killing bed bugs include the use of a vacuum. This is an easy and also economical way of eliminating bed bugs by removing their eggs and larva. It is advisable that furniture be removed and left outside for several days to help kill any remaining bugs. Certain bug exterminators have taken advantage of the fact that bugs cannot cope with drastic temperatures and have begun utilizing heaters which raise the room temperature beyond what is habitable for the bugs.

So, learning how to kill bed bugs may be a perfect way of eliminating the nuisance caused by these parasites besides guaranteeing you a healthy and comfortable environment free from bugs. You can always apply these methods yourself or employ the services of a professional.

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